Thursday, October 8, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Nutrition 101

Growing Healthy Families has produced a one of a kind health / nutrition curriculum for multiple ages and grades. What makes this unique is the strong Christian perspective on nutrition as it relates to each of the body systems. This full color, 448 page, book includes, discussion questions, activities, healthy recipes, and tons of information.  Some might call it a unit study on nutrition. There are activities divided between elementary and secondary.

This curriculum is not a vegetarian curriculum and it actually does not seem to take a position on it, but just presents the facts as they are.  Not everyone will agree with some of their teachings - such as limiting dairy and not using a microwave ovens.  I don't believe anyone will walk away offended by anything they say.  They generally present the facts and what they do in most cases. Also, there is enough information that I believe non-Christians alike would find this program useful.  This is kind of like eating a bowl of cherries: eat the fruit (take what you can get out of it) and spit out the pits (disregard what you feel does not apply to your family.)  You will still be full on the fruit.

There is also a huge appendix that contains information on making your own cleaning products and personal care products.  There is information on how to nutritionally deal with certain disorders, such as asthma.
They have their own food pyramid, colorful several page produce selection and storage chart, and a Nutrition 101 shopping list. There is also an answer key for the activities in the back of the book.

The activities all seem enjoyable and fun to do.  Some are just discussion questions. Because of the topics covered in this book, I would recommend that it be done with a parent so you can discuss and research for yourself some topics as they come up. Each lesson supplies a list of places to look for additional information.

The price of the book may discourage some from purchasing it, but a lot research went into this book and it is one of a kind.  I have not seen anything like this before.  It is also a beautiful full color book.

To find out more about this product watch the video below and visit their website:

Quote from the website:
"Nutrition 101: Choose Life! is a three-in-one family nutrition and health program for all ages that presents the major body systems, how they function, their common health issues, the benefits of good food and the consequences of bad food. Its 448 pages include into six units: 1) The Brain and Nervous System; 2) Digestion and Elimination; 3) Respiration and Olfactory; 4) Muscular and Skeletal Systems; 5) Cardiovascular and Immune Systems; and 6) Endocrine System and Emotions.

Biblically based and packed with hands-on activities, science and art projects and nearly 80 family-friendly recipes, this program teaches and reinforces the why’s of what we should eat, not just “because I said so.”

Disclaimer: This product was received free of charge from the publisher for purpose of writing a review for it.  I receive no other compensation for this product.  Please see disclaimer on right side bar for more information.

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