Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Homeschooling ABCs

I was privileged to have reviewed this product because I learned so much for it! These are one of those products that I wished I had when I first got started. This is a 26 week course geared toward new homeschoolers to help mentor you while you get started homeschooling. This is a great coarse, also, for those who have lost their focus and need help getting on track or just want to learn more about how others homeschool.

Each lesson is sent weekly for 26 weeks following the letters of the alphabet…

A-Quick Start
B-For Basics
C-opy the Classroom – NOT!
D-are to differentiate
E-Establish your philosophy

If you are looking to learn how to copy school at home, look elsewhere! The first lesson helps you from day one when you first take your child out of school and gives you help each week as you implement your homeschool. From planning your day, to choosing your homeschool style, to picking homeschool resources, it is like having someone holding your hand through the process.

I was impressed with the scope and depth of each week’s lesson. I read almost every book out there when I began and I still learned so much more from these lessons. There were several ideas that I implemented after reading them that our family has enjoyed.

The course includes 10 bonus gifts and over $250 in curriculum. The best thing is that you can’t go wrong as it comes with 100% money back guarantee!

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