Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Missing Link FOUND

The Missing Link FOUND by Christina and Felice Gerwitz

This book written by homeschooler Christina Gerwitz with help from her mom Felice. This Christian creation adventure mystery is the first in a series called: Truth Seekers Mystery SeriesTM

Read and loved by my three oldest children (17 y/o boy,15 y/o girl, and 8 y/o boy). The story weaves creation topics, such as: archeology, creation verses evolution, and carbon 14 dating, into a fictional account of Christian and Anna and their adventures solving the "missing link."

My children stated the story was mostly believable and did have a couple parts where they made poor choices, one of which they got away with an act of disobedience. Once they got into the book they had a hard time putting it down so they could find out what happened next. There is some action suspense, but we found nothing scary. There is a lot of talking back and forth (quotations), which my children said made it more interesting. It was not hard to follow along but might make this book a difficult read aloud.

A summary on the back of the book:
"…While on vacation in the Keys, a devious plot unfolds, and the Murphys find themselves in the middle of a full-speed boat chase and encounter with the FBI. Their vacation plans are then cut short by the arrival of a cryptic message from Dr. Murphy’s brother, requesting his immediate presence at an anthropological dig along the Peace River. What Dr. Murphy, Christian, and Anna find there is anything put peaceful!"

"…The Missing Link has been discovered, finally providing evidence for the theory of Evolution. But what about the Bible? Didn’t God create the world as recorded in Genesis? In addition, is there a connection between their adventure on the high seas and their discoveries at the dig site? Join the Murphys as they are faced with danger and a race against time in search for the truth."

This series was "dreamed up" by the author Christina Gerwitz when she was 12. Her wish was to publish the books and as a motivated homeschooler convinced her mom she was serious. I commend the large undertaking and diligence in following through to the completed project. I hope this project is just a starting point for her writing career.

You can purchase this book directly from: Media Angels
Right now they are offering the set for $22 for Christmas.
Also available is a study guide to go along with the book which was not reviewed.

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