Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TOS CREW Review: Web Design for Kids (...and Curious Grown Ups!)

Web Design for Kids has been a fun step by step DVD to help build a website.  I have been a little phobic about HTML, but am feeling more comfortable after working through this DVD.  This DVD takes you step by step in very simple language to building a website.  In fact you build a very simple webpage after the first lesson. After each lesson he adds to the original.  You don't have to have an Internet connection to make a webpage and all the software you need is standard on all PC's running Microsoft Windows (NOTEPAD AND INTERNET EXPLORER.)

You follow two children as they move through the program and ask (rehearsed) questions and the instructor gives easy, gentle answers.  If you are beginner, like some of my children, there is an absolute beginner lesson available that you can skip if you already know how to cut and paste, save folders, etc.

This was a lot of fun to do and it was very easy.  I highly recommend it!  I look forward to seeing more products from this company.
There are 7 chapters that are 1 hour 22 minutes long.

Topics covered include:
The 10 Basic Lines of Code
Coloring the Background and Letters
Making Letters Move Across the Screen
Designer Backgrounds
Changing Fonts
Adding Pictures
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You can watch a sample video:

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