Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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Having a student at home doing college online has made the STUDYPOD come in very handy. My husband uses it for several hours a day and loves it. It holds most of his school books without difficulty and gets rid of that hunched over feel you get after looking down at school text books all day.

The STUDYPOD holds books or study sheets up at eye-level at a similar angle as your computer screen. It also has clips that hold the book open so your hands are freed up for whatever else. According to the information contained with the STUDYPOD, while using the STUDYPOD you reduce neck and eye strain, improve posture and breathing, and makes reading, writing and typing easier. My husband has found this all to be true. This would come in handy for a variety of areas. I know I will use it to hold my cookbooks open when I am cooking - as soon as I can get it away from my husband. Maybe I will need to get my own!!!

The STUDYPOD (AKA BOOKPOD) comes in 5 colors and is made of sturdy plastic. It folds compactly to fight nicely on his desk shelf. It has pockets on the inside that hold pens, calculator, etc. So it can double as "pencil bag."

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