Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Let's Make a Webpage

Let's Make a Webpage by Computer Lady Phyllis Wheeler and Motherboard Books is an ebook for ages 8 to 12. Target age is more like 10 years and up. Using trial software you download for 30 days before you have purchase it, you and your child are taken step by step, in 10 lessons, to build a basic web page. The instructions are simple enough so that if your child has some computer background and is motivated they will be able to complete this mostly by themselves. However because some exercises require you to use the Internet, it is highly recommended you supervise them at all times. Some assistance may also be needed to set up and download the software.

The software recommended is Coffeecup. This software was chose for it's ease of use and lower cost to purchase then others ($49). There are free ones also available that are mentioned, however they are not as user friendly and don't always work well with Vista. Since the screenshots used for this ebook are from CoffeeCup it is best that that software is used to make the initial website. There are directions on how to access your info after the trial period runs out, as long as you saved it in MS Notepad.

The lessons provided have the child conduct an interview with someone for the web page. Skills for how to do this are taught in the lesson, so more then just web page building are covered.

Motherboard books has other books available including curriculums teaching computer science for grades 5 and up. You can visit their website for more info: http://www.motherboardbooks.com/ You will also find a free Internet Scavenger Hunt for your child to try.

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