Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time 4 Learning - Getting Started Review

I am just starting the review process for Time4Learning and like to share with you a little about how we are progressing with the program as we go through the month.

The first thing we did was register each child. For the lower level (grade 3 and down) we had to answer a few questions about the child's abilities in language arts and math. I have one upper level (4th grade through 8th) that I was able to place on her grade level. (Which I can change later if need be.) I also made up passwords for each child at this time. The program also runs a quick check to make sure you have everything installed for the program to work properly and make sure there are no security issues.

While waiting to receive our account set up confirmation (less then 24 hours) I was able to explore the Getting Started Guide and Hints and Help section. The program is not that difficult to figure out, but knowing that this info was available was helpful. The three areas I found to be important to parents was: the parent login page (to access account information, among other things,) the child's back pack on the student launch page (to see grades and progress), and by clicking the parent button on the "Lesson Time" page (to set time limits, etc).

Shortly after setting up our accounts, I received an email stating we were ready to go. Each child logged in on the lower and upper login pages, depending on their level. Logging in takes you the the student launch page. You can see a sample here.

There are suggestions on how to proceed through program, such as how much to do each day on the getting started guide page. You can preview the lessons before hand if you would like and you always have the option of skipping a lesson.
There is also a parent forum / message boards, but I have not taken much time there. This is a great place to connect with other parents using the program and ask your questions. You can even ask questions about the program / website before signing up.

My children are essentially computer illiterate so I have been sitting between two computers as they work two at a time. My 6 year old tends to push buttons off the page so I have used F11 button to make it full screen for him. My boys do tend to watch each other and just click away rather then check the correct answer. I have made them redo lessons when they score less then 80%. They are doing this less and less as the week has gone by. They have been enjoying the lessons so far and are using the skill they have learned. My 7 year old non reader proudly shows me the "table of contents" page on books he picks up now. They now ask to "do" school.

I will check in next week with an update on content!

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