Saturday, March 7, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Math Mammoth

Maria Miller is the author of this math supplement or curriculum, depending on what product you choose. Mammoth Math has 4 different types of curriculum to chose from for grades 1 to 8 (through Algebra 1.)

"The Blue Series" (grades 1 to 5) The blue series has explanations and problems. They are divided up by topics and are self teaching. Titles in this series are: Addition 1, Add and Subtract 2a and b, Fractions, Multiplication, Geometry. To see more topics covered click here.

"The Light Blue Series" (grades 1 to 4) can be used as a complete math curriculum. Both parent and student can understand the explanations, so it is essentially self teaching. This is organized by grade.

"The Golden Series" (grades 3 to 8)is organized by grade and is the problems only. They contain one topic per page.

"The Green Series" (grades 3 to 8)is organized by topic and contain the problems only. The topics are from the Golden Series.

The curriculum I reviewed were from the Blue Series. I wanted supplemental work for my son in varied subject matter, that would be mostly self teaching. The ones we are working with are: Multiplication 1, Division 1, Fraction 1, and Geometry 1.

What I liked about the workbooks is that they went from the simple to the more complex. There are not to many problems on the page and my son was able to work on them with little explanation. Three out of four books had over 100 pages each. They are also done in more then one color, to help with explanations and understanding.

For example, Multiplication 1 starts out real simple with the concept of multiplication using pictures, compares it to addition, does multiplication with a number line, and gradually progresses to word problems. There are also worksheets to help memorize the math facts, that give many helpful hints and strategies.

I was very pleased with the ease of use, the inexpensive cost of the product, and how professionally done the product is, that I will return to purchase more when we are done with these. These have really helped my son retain information that he has learned.

On her website you can request samples of the product. She sends you extensive (280 pages!) worksheet samples from different areas so you can get a feel for what you are looking for. There is enough here for you to try them out with your children before deciding what to purchase, you can also ask her, if you are not sure.

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