Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - Digital Edition

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is a wonderful Christian home school magazine packed with relevant information. Each issue has been a source of encouragement and an asset to our overall home school experience.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Digital Edition, is a quarterly magazine that you download onto your computer. Downloading is done simply and the program to read the magazine is built right in. You can read it on or offline.

The digital magazine is an exact copy, full color version, of the print magazine. It is easy to maneuver around the magazine with title bar features that include arrows to turn pages one at a time, table of contents, a search feature and clickable links to see all the web sites mentioned in the magazine. You can easily increase the font by clicking on the center of the page or going to the setting feature. Every idea was thought of to make reading it on the computer a positive experience.

This magazine is click and go friendly with clickable links in ads and in the articles to go directly to the company or recommended web sites. You can click on article titles on the front cover or on the table of contents page to go directly to any article as well.

You are welcome to print out articles to share with a friend or to read off the computer if you so choose.

Subscribing to the digital magazine also includes an email subscription to Teacher’s Toolbox. Each monthly issue has homeschool helps centered around a specific topic. They also include a free download of a useful homeschool product on the subject. Downloads in the past have included lap books and unit studies. Making the price of the digital magazine more then pay for it self in a couple of months.

Overall, I have enjoyed the digital edition's ease of use and encouraging homeschool information. I see this magazine more of a great big digest of homeschool helps. Many popular (and not so popular) veteran homeschool families flood the pages with their wisdom. All stages (and ages) of homeschool families will benefit with the information in the magazine.

For a free sample issue to try out for yourself click here.

For more information or to subscribe click here.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciated the review of the schoolhouse planner. It sounds like an excellent resource. It is nice to read reviews from others in the "trenches". Thanks!!

Sheri said...

Hi there fellow TOS Crew member! Wanted to stop by to say hi and let ya know I am looking forward to getting to know ya.
(aka: 1 of 100)