Monday, August 18, 2008

Filling out IHIPs

Every year at this time I have to put together my IHIP. I am often at a loss for what to write down for those less formal subjects like art, music, physical education, and health. (OK, not everyone thinks like me, but stick with me a minute.) I don't want to buy a curriculum for music because frankly I haven't seen a good inexpensive one that a non-music person can understand. Health and physical education are so simple you don't need a curriculum in the early years. But what to put down for those non-educators types like me, who don't know "educationalease"?

I have a kindergartner (6 year old) so I have to figure what to write for these subjects. Now all you Internet junkies out there already knew this so you can stop reading but for the rest of us... I did a Internet search for 1st grade music skills and music worksheets. I found tons of info and simple guidelines so I have a some idea what to write. Then I found other topics and simple lesson plans to teach the guidelines. Many states have this information online for parents and teachers. So if you are at a loss for what to write, google it and see what you come up with

Remember you don't write anymore then you have to get your point across on
your IHIP!

Here are some physical Ed guidelines for 1st grade:
Participate daily in short periods of physical activity that require
exertion (e.g., one to three* minutes of walking, jogging, jump roping).
Perform fundamental locomotor (e.g., skip, gallop, run) and non-locomotor
(twist, stretch, balance) skills with mature form.
Develop manipulative skills (e.g., cut, glue, throw, catch, kick, strike).
Create and perform unique dance movements and sequences that strengthen
skills while demonstrating personal and spatial awareness.

Health guidelines:
Practice appropriate personal hygiene (e.g., bathe, wash hands, clean
Describe the benefits of eating a variety of nutritious foods.
Describe the benefits of physical activity.
Describe substances that are helpful and harmful to the body.
Practice basic safety and identify hazards.

Most of these things we do daily anyway. Just a more professional way to write it down! I looked over these and got some ideas to write my own guidelines.

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