Saturday, March 7, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Beyond Five In A Row

Beyond Five in a Row was a very fun product to receive and review. I had used Before Five in a Row with my younger students a few years ago and Five in a Row with my now teenagers even further back. I did enjoy using these at the time, so I was familiar with the products, but had lost touch with the company.

Beyond Five in a Row is a unit study curriculum based on excellent children's books for ages 8 to 12. There are three volumes that take one semester each to complete.

For the review of Beyond Five in a Row Volume 3 we chose to do the Cricket in Time Square. I chose that one because we are in New York, I grew up in New York City, and a large portion of the unit study was on New York. The other books in the study include: Neil Armstrong - Young Flyer, Marie Currie-And the Discovery of Radium and The Saturdays.

I was very much impressed with the amount of information included in the study. It is not just an outline of information. It contained factual information about the topic being studied as well as writing and discussion questions. There is an outline for each chapter of the book about what will be covered, a teacher summary of the story, and then lesson activities. There are also Internet connections for further study. In the back of the book is a scope and sequence.

We supplemented the study by getting books out the library on specific subjects. A list of books in not included, except the books used in the unit study. That is OK, because books go out of print and what may be available in my library, may not be found it yours. We have an online catalog and inter-library loan we can access to find the great books we used for the study. We also supplemented with some videos on New York, which were fun.

Many subjects are covered in each chapter of the study: history and geography, science, fine arts, language arts, careers and more.

My son (8 years old) enjoyed the book and read it in one day - even though I told him we were going to do it one chapter at a time. Besides New York the Cricket in Time Square covers: mice, fantasy stories, Italy, China, Opera, currency, learning about the US legal system, honesty, recipes.... So you can see a lot is covered in the story that it takes some time to complete the unit study. The whole volume should take one semester to complete, but I wonder if one could spend more time then that - because they want to!
Also available is an optional Christian Character Bible Study Supplement (which is one volume correlating with the three Beyond volumes.)

This is a well rounded and enjoyable study, that were easy to implement with the books we have on hand as well as a trip to the library.

To learn more visit the website here.
There is also a forum where there is much discussion and helps. Click Here For Forum.

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