Friday, July 3, 2009

The American Patriot's Bible

The American Patriot's Bible:
The Word of God and the Shaping of America.
General Editor: Dr. Richard G. Lee

The American Patriot's Bible is a hardcover study bible containing the complete Old and New Testaments in The New King James translation. Interspersed throughout the bible are 48 beautiful color and black and white photos on glossy paper of heroes past and present of the United States, including our current president, Barrack Obama, and United States landmarks, such as the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. Chapter openings of each book of the bible give a brief description of the book with author, date written, key verse, key chapter, and theme of the book. There is also a subject index, a concordance, and colorful maps in the back of the bible.

Contained in the book are 254 articles that discuss our Judeo-Christian heritage. You will read about the "Great Awakening" and prayers for our nation, about the Emancipation Proclamation, Martin Luther King, and various other times and events in US history. You will find little snip-its of quotes by presidents and others reminding us of our Christian heritage and what verses various presidents laid their hands on while taking their oaths of office.

The themes of the writings included in the bible are sanctity for human life, respect for our country, and turning hearts of our country back to God. The print throughout the bible is larger then most bibles, making reading the bible more comfortable and enjoyable.

Overall, this bible is beautiful. I did feel the supplemental readings were disjointed and did not flow as nicely as I would have liked. I do wish there was more details about the history and not just snip-its here and there. Otherwise, the extra material does not interfere with the reading and flow of the bible itself, which is most important.

I highly recommend this bible as gifts to you our nations leaders and future leaders (no matter how little or big a role they play in our society) and for our US military personnel.
A You Tube video featuring The American Patriot's Bible
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse Fun Summer Promotion - 19 FREE GIFTS!

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is offering a great summer promotion that includes 19 gifts with your new or renewed subscription to their magazine. This is only for the first 5000 people who subscribe (USA only). Gifts include a free 10X13 portrait at SEARS. 50 Subscribers will enter a chance to win a free week at Curves! Other gifts are a $10 gift card to Apologia materials, A free Visual Manna art book on CD, a free In the Hands of a Child lapbook on CD, and 15 more gifts FREE! To see the complete list CLICK HERE!

One last thing... if you subscribe by the 4th of July you will get 4 additional Old Schoolhouse magazines from last year free. These are physical magazines, not ebooks. So hurry to take advantage of this special. Click Here NOW!

TOS CREW: TOS 2009 Schoolhouse Planner

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has done it again by producing another great planner. New topics, 24 new recipes, and 40 additional new forms are included in this 2009-2010 edition of the planner. What is great about this planner is the you can type on them and then print them out as you need them. There are 375 pages in this down-loadable file, so it is a big download!

Calender / monthly planner for 2009-2010

What I like about this part of the planner is the monthly themes. I always want to have a monthly topic that my entire family can work on together. This gives articles and suggestions for completing the topic of the month. Additional modules are released each month to enhance these topics, but they are an optional purchase.

Themes this year include:
13 colonies
Fire Safety
American Government
Letter writing
Jesus' first miracle
Latin and Greek Roots
Getting into College
Homeschooling around the world

Miscellaneous Homeschool Information

Composers, inventors, seven wonders of the world, presidents, periodic table of elements, and more.

School Forms

There are all sorts of useful forms in this section. So many, that I doubt I would use many of them. But if you are looking for it, it is probably here. Report Cards, tracking high school hours, weekly planners, course of study, curriculum planner, bible memorization record, books read, multiple journal and nature pages, book report forms, a preschool planner with checklist and activities, and new this year is the multiple children planner for up to 5 children. There are way too many forms to list here!

Household Forms

Here you will find traditional forms for the home. Emergency numbers, information for the babysitter, medical information, home-keeping schedule, home improvement forms, schedules, chore charts, meal planning, grocery lists, budgeting forms, prayer journal, pet forms, car maintenance forms, vacation planning, and garden planning forms. TOO MANY TO LIST!
What I like about the planner:
- that you can type on the pages before printing them out to personalize them
- the variety of forms available
- monthly themes to bring the family together on one topic
- availability of monthly modules to supplement planner
What I don't like about the planner:
- large size of file to download
- most forms (except the chore charts which are multi-colored) are just two colors - black and maroon/red colored. I would rather they just be black and white. This is easily fixed by "telling" my printer to print in only black and white.
- I wish they had the option of buying it on a CD.
- more forms then I would use (but this goes on both lists depending on how you look at it.)
- wish they included a blank monthly calender
- wish you could buy modules on a subscription basis at a reduced cost
- cost: $39.95 makes it difficult to purchase on a yearly basis. Would like to be able to purchase updates only at a reduced cost.
You can purchase this at The Old Schoolhouse Website by Clicking HERE!