Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Schoolhouse Planner

The Schoolhouse Planner is the most complete planner I have found. There are so many useful pages through out. I love the fact that it is in e-book format so it makes it so easy to print any page on demand. No need to worry about having access to a copy machine or a trip to Kinkos. The forms are also typeable so I can type what I want on the forms and print it. An added feature I haven’t seen in other e-book formats is the ability to save the information directly on the form and come back to them again later.

There is just about any thing a homeschool household would need. In fact, I believe any household would benefit from this planner. There are so many types of planning pages that this short list won’t give it justice. In addition to yearly calendars and monthly calendars through June 2009, some examples of planning pages are: appliance and electronic inventory, pet care, garden planning, budgeting, menu planning, chores, bible reading plan, as well as the typical homeschool planning pages, like progress reports and curriculum planners.

For each month in the calendar pages there is an article of encouragement, homeschool idea, or other household suggestions, a couple of family friendly recipes, a theme for the month with charts (like great composers, states and capitols, presidents) and clickable links to more resources that fit that months theme. I especially like this because it organizes our school year around a monthly theme that we can study together in addition to everyone’s independent studies.

Also included are copies of many important US documents like The Deceleration of Independence and The US Constitution. There are even charts for use in the kitchen. So do you see how this can be useful in ANY household?

Overall I think this is the best planner out there. Much time and preparation went into making sure that everything a homeschool household would need is in here. This isn’t just a bunch of pages to print off, there is a description with a brief explanation for every planner page. Whether you are a seasoned pro at organizing your homeschool or your homeschool needs a major overhaul, the tools given here may be just what you need to help get your homeschool on the right track.

To see a free preview of the planner or to purchase it click here.

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