Saturday, April 25, 2009

TOS Crew Review: WriteShop StoryBuilders

Here is a fun way to get your children to write! StoryBuilders is great for the reluctant writer. Get the ideas flowing either orally or on paper and see an improvement in your children's writing. These downloadable games act as a spring board for writing practice.

First, you need to print out the deck of StoryBuilder cards. There are four types of cards: Character Cards, Character Trait Cards, Setting Cards, and Plot Cards. You have the option of printing out either colored cards on white card stock, or black and white cards on colored card stock paper. There are approximately 27 pages to print out to use this game. When this is done, you are really ready to go!

There are several variation of games you can play with these cards. You can decide for the child what they will write, roll a die, or even do a blind pick. You can vary the activity from day to day to keep interest. Then you have several game options. You can do it orally or have your child write their story on paper. You can even do a group game/project. You can then pick new cards throughout the exercise to help change the plot, setting, or whatever, to boost creativity.

Examples of Cards:
Character: astronaut; mad scientist
Character Trait: eccentric; flustered
Setting: desert; fishing boat
Plot: cannot move; finds a time machine

StoryBuilders is such a fun way for your children write, they won't realize they are learning. There are currently 4 of these available: World of People (where the examples come from above,) World of Sports, World of Animals, and StoryBuilders Christmas Mini Builder. You are almost guaranteed to laugh and have fun with this resource!
WriteShop also has other writing products and curriculum available from early grades on up. You can see more if you visit their website by clicking here.

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