Sunday, March 22, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Homeschool In The Woods - New Testament Activity Pak

This is an New Testament activity book that goes along with the life of Christ. You read the coordinating bible story and complete the activity. Activities include lots of coloring, cutting, and pasting, creative writing, bible reading and some research. Published by Home School in the Woods. PDF file is available for download or on CD (will require you to a have computer and printer.)

There are 3 activities included in the "Activity Pak"
- A lap book - 15 activities or mini books, mostly cut, fold, and paste and some copywork (of verses.) Uses traditional lap book folds and some art supplies: double sided tape, paper fasteners, card stock, along with the more common supplies (scissors, glue, etc.)
- A 12 page newspaper project where children, using what I would call notebooking pages, do research and creative writing to make a newspaper. The headlines are supplied (for example "Trouble at the temple, Jesus of Nazareth tips over tables.") and room to write the article. There are even ads from what might have been in the paper at that time, where you fill in the details. Includes a blank page for your own ideas.
- An Armor of God project with a poster and removable parts so you can daily read the scripture (on the poster) and put on your armor.

The artwork is magnificent and detailed. I highly impressed with the quality of it. The projects are easy to cut out and color. The project directions are detailed right down to how to save it when you are done using it for the day, or while you are waiting to put the lap book together. Which is a great idea, because it may be some time between activities.

The suggested grades for this are grades 3-8, but I know my younger boys still enjoy helping with the coloring and pasting. The cutting is more detailed and may require an older child. The newspaper project will fit a child comfortable with writing paragraphs. I believe the Armor of God could be completed, with help, by most children. Putting the "armor"on is fun for all.

This is meant to be an activity pak, so it does what it says, supplies activities to accompany the major events in Christ's life. You will need your bible or other bible story book to accompany the activities. You can see pictures of the completed projects on the websites below.

Home School in the woods has some great products, especially time line materials, several history activity studies and an Old Testament Activity pack. There are also some free unit studies. Be sure to check them all out on the website.

To learn more about The New Testament Activity Pak, click here.
To visit HomeSchool In The Woods click here.

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