Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Schleich Products

We received a box of animals from Schleich that contained 12 animals. Our first reaction from my 17 year old son was how realistic they looked. They are very detailed right down to the bottom of their paws. The colors and poses are one of the key things that make them realistic. The catalog says the figurines are "modelled true-to-nature and painted by hand." My son was also quick to notice that all the animals were American wild animals except one which was African.

My younger boys (6, 7, & 8) quickly took up play, setting them up and having the animals compete with one another. Ok, so they got a barn out. My oldest suggested setting up a zoo, but they preferred the wild. The animals are definitely sturdy. They are completely solid. It is going to take a lot to damage these.

These animals provide a great opportunity to research these great animals and also provide a great outlet for imaginative play. We are learning taxonomy so these will be helpful. We have set of animal cards too, from a former homeschool family, that we use.

Looking through their catalog and online web site they have wonderful sets. If you CLICK HERE you can see some wild animal sets that are set up so realistically. I particularly like the Frontier products, but the wild life accessories are neat too! Some trees and other accessories would really be nice addition to the animal sets. Also available are dinosaurs, sea animals, knights, farm life, fantasy sets and more.

I have often seen these animals at museum shops and homeschool conventions (oh, I think Tractor Supply sells them too.) You can also buy them online HERE among other places. We do have a few we picked up here and there. For whatever reason I have a hard time taking off the tags, although I did take off a few for these pictures.

Right now Schleich has a Hobby Farm Home Contest going on, that if you submit photos of your diorama of Schleich animals and accessories you could win a Red Barn valued at $159.99. Click HERE for more information.

To visit the SCHLEICH website please CLICK HERE!

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