Monday, February 2, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Bible Story Songs

Bible Story Songs is a very nicely done CD of bible stories put to song. Songs are song by children and the tunes are to different hymns and traditional music.

The CD I have is Moses Volume 2 - The Last 40 Years. Tunes include: Battle Hymn of the Republic, Yellow Rose of Texas, It Came Upon a Midnight clear, and Buffalo Gals, among many others. Most songs have an introduction that is spoken. This tells the bible story and then it is followed by the song.

Some of the songs on my CD include: The Israelites are finally free, Follow, Follow, Following the Pillar (tune of Follow On by Robert Lowry), Do All Things Without Murmuring, and Come and Bring Your Silver, Brass and Gold.

Character is built into the songs with songs such as "The Red Sea Parted." One of the choruses is:
"I'm waking up with God! It's really great!
I got to bed - don't whine!
Then I feel mighty fine!
I love it when I am on time!"

There also includes a couple of songs about the ten commandments.

Available on the website are sheets music, puzzles, song books, and samples of the songs.

This is a nicely done CD. The music is pleasant, no fast beats, and not too loud. I thought the age was from 5 to 12. I could not find a specific age on the website. The songs are easily song along with. You might find yourself humming along with your children. We tend to link songs we know the tune to, so this especially appealed to us.

CD available at the website as well as MP3 for immediate
download at various stores.
You can find out more at:

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