Sunday, March 15, 2009

TOS Crew Review: SpellQuizzer

SpellQuizzer is spelling software to help students remember their spelling words. By quizzing them on list that you make yourself or from list that you import from the SpellQuizzer website, you can help improve your child's spelling performance.

To use this program is preferred that you have a microphone. You can still use the program without a microphone, but you won't get the full use of the program. There are about a dozen list you can download from the website and it comes pre-programed with several grade level lists. With the microphone you can make your own list of your child's spelling words by recording each word. If you don't have a microphone you can still make your own list, but you will have to prompt with words using a "reminder phrase" for what word you want them to spell. Microphones can be purchased inexpensively at Wal-Mart. The price of the microphone does not affect sound quality with this program. The author states that you can get just as much out of a cheap microphone as an expensive one.

SpellQuizzer offers you a 30 day free trial to try it out yourself before purchasing it. Downloading was short and simple. I was able to begin immediately by pressing "Quiz me on a list!" and get started. I was quizzed on a list and received instant feed back if their was a mistake. When it was over it told me my score and asked if I wanted to re-quiz the ones I got wrong. When I got 100% it cheered me on! Below you can see an active quiz with a "reminder phrase." You can use both the "reminder phrase" and the sound if you would like.

Setting up new list were simple enough (see screenshot below.) It does require a small amount of time to record your own list, but was surprised at how simple that was. It only took seconds for each word (REALLY!) The quality of the recording was good as well. They do have helps if you are having trouble in that area. You can access help on the main screen by just pressing the help button. For some microphone help you can also visit:

I imported several list from the website. Very easy directions are given on the website on how to do this. The imported list includes the sound recordings so that if you don't have microphone you can use these or use these to supplement your own list. You can also export lists to share with others who have SpellQuizzer!

This spelling software can be used with any spelling curriculum. You can also use SpellQuizzer to help test vocabulary words. You can make vocabulary lists from their reading or even other subjects such as history and science.

One neat feature that I appreciate is that the program has a built in spell checker. If you try to enter a word incorrectly it will tell you. This can be good if you want your children to make their own word lists, it will help prevent errors.

This program is simple, no fancy bells and whistles. But it gets its job done by improving spelling scores. My children were able to use it with little assistance. They had fun doing the spelling quizzes. I was just able to secure a microphone so I have only made up sample lists for them to do and try out.

They do offer a 30 day free trial, so you can try it out yourself and see if you can benefit from it. The company also offers volume discounts ( for 2 or more purchases. So you can get together with a homeschool group or a friend.

To find out more visit SpellQuizzer here.

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