Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Latin Road to English Grammar

LATIN the Mother of Many Languages*

"The LATIN Road to English Grammar follows this methodology of learning, building from the components of the language to the whole.*"

"Latin students score higher on this test than do students of any other language.*"

The Latin Road to English Grammar Volume 1 kit (AKA: The Big Fat Latin Special) that we are using consists of: Textbook, Student Notebook, Teacher Guide, Vocabulary Cards, Worksheets, Tests, Audio Cd, and a set of DVD's. The Big Fat Latin Special also includes a Latin/English dictionary. The curriculum is recommended for 5th - 12th grades. I would recommend the student have some grammar experience before starting. If you are to use this for high school level you could complete level 1 and 2 in one year and level 3 in the second year. Level 1 has fourteen lessons, with each lesson taking about a week or sometimes longer to complete. I did find that my 8th grade daughter could do a little more then one lesson a day.

The Latin chosen for this program is "Church (Italian) Latin" as it is closest to English and the only one still used today. Latin is not a conversational language (aka a dead language,) so it really doesn't matter.

This is a notebooking approach to English Grammar and Latin. While the student is learning Latin, they gain a better understanding of English Grammar. They build their own notebook with the instructions laid out for them in the textbook. The teacher is also learning along side the student, making their own notebook. There is no need to add any other English course while using this.

We watched the introductory video which gave excellent information on the history of Latin and why it is superior to teach it. You can listen to some audio workshops with notes on the site here.

I did find the instructional videos helpful and recommend them because they do make the lesson easier to do, however, I don't think it was essential to completing the lessons. The teacher guide supplies a lot of this info.

From listening to the video you would think that doing the previous program: Bridge to Latin Grammar was essential to the course, we did not find that so. There is enough information in the teacher guide provided to complete the lessons without prior experience.

The audio cd is done very nice and the continual review helped my daughter to be able to memorize the reading for each lesson, even though memorization is not required. The audio contains all the pronunciation for the forms, exercises, readings, and tests.
Samples of readings include: The Lord's Prayer, The Pledge of Allegiance, Hymns, Ten Commandments and other scripture passages.

The student notebook is an optional purchase, but found that helpful for getting started quicker - having all the material you need right there. I found it helpful for the notebook to be color coded with the vocabulary cards.

A lesson (done over several days) basically consist of a grammar activity, word study, vocabulary, exercises, a worksheet, reading practice, and a test. You build your notebook with the different sections and review vocabulary words with the flash cards. All the words are pronounced for you on the audio cd.

Over all this program was easy to implement, the cd made pronunciation easier, and the DVD's gave the overall confidence to complete the lessons. As a busy mom I did find it somewhat difficult to keep up with my daughter. However completing them now, I would not have to do it over again with the next child.

We are learning all about Latin and are enjoying it, too!

"By studying Latin you and your students can master the components of many languages, including English. Most of the founders of our country could read both Latin and Greek; and they were able to use the English language the way a fine craftsman uses his tools. They could write and say what they meant and, with the power and elegance of their words, they founded this nation."*
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