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HELPME2TEACH is a online subscription based directory of online resources. Started by a teacher of over 40 years as a tool for educators to provide a total curriculum or to supplement existing curriculum. HELPME2TEACH is intended for all types of educators, classroom, homeschools, and parents of grades Pre-K to High School. The sites have all be added and checked by the author. The author claims over 2300 websites and she is continually adding more. Also, Because the information is copywritten you many not copy or print the list of websites.

Subscriptions are available at 1 month for $9.95, 3 months for $15.95, or 1 year for $29.95. They are running a special until December. If you subscribe for one year and enter code: TOS you can get a year free.

When you enter the site and login you are immediately told that saving or printing are disabled. You have the option of searching the site or choosing from a list of topics in the table of contents.

Topics are broken down by topics then subtopics. For example:
02-01. Animal tracks
02-03 Anthropods
They go on to list a total of 9 subtopics for animals.
03. Arts and Crafts
03-01. Art activities
03-02 Art Appreciation
And so on…

Other topics include Character, Computers, Health and Safety, Language Arts, Lapbooking and Notebooking, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc.

A new topic that they added since I joined is the Bible Study and Christian Links. The subtopic for that one is Creation. After several TOS Crew reviewers commented that they had little in the form of Christian sites, the author listened and added many Christian websites.

Doing a general search with the sites search engine for "frogs" yielded me 9 links. Putting in frog I got 4 links (2 new ones). They included links to coloring pages, frog dissection, audios of frogs, detailed websites about frogs and amphibians, and rain forests to name a few.

The search results are then given a letter for grade levels: P is for primary; E is for Elementary; S is for Secondary; T is for Teacher.

This site is excellent for:
1-The person just beginning homeschooling / teaching and looking for a place to start.
2-Someone who is new to computers and the Internet.
3-A busy mom with little time on her hands who wants to get right to the meat and not have to sift through hundreds of sites to find the more educational ones.
4-Someone looking to use the Internet for a majority of curriculum – most of the work is done for you!

The websites I found I felt were the best of the best that would take me a long time to find if I was searching myself. I enjoyed the helpful teacher directed sites listed and am glad they added notebooking and lapbooking to the list. The author is continually adding and updating the site, so it never goes out of date. The website is checked frequently for dead links – manually and with a computer program.

Just as I completed my review I found out that HELPME2TEACH is offering a free month trial. You will need to go to The Old Schoolhouse Freebie directory to find out more:

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