Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heart of the Matter Meme: Unique?

I have not been able to keep up with any "memes" lately but wanted to do one on this topic. It just sounded fun!

The Things That Make Our Family Unique. What experiences do you have that you can share with other mothers?

I actually don't find my family overly unique. But from the perspective that all people are uniquely created by God for a purpose - that makes us unique.

1- I was born in NYC. I have always lived in New York state (although we have considered moving from here several times!)

Here is a picture of me (on the right) with my best friend in elementary school.

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2- My dad was a policeman.

3- I am a Registered Nurse by trade, homeschool SAHM mom by choice.

4- I have been married to my husband for 17 years. Even though we have gone through some tough times - God is always faithful.

(I wanted to add my wedding photo, but I don't have one handy!)

5- My children have always been homeschooled. My oldest is 17.

6- I had three babies in 2 years 12 days (all single births.)

7- We have let the Lord plan our family and we "only" have 5 children. Breaking the myth that if you don't use birth control you will have "upteen" children. Just not so in my case. I am perfectly at peace with the size of our family, although I would love more children. I have thought someday I would love to adopt if God so allows.

8- I have a child with a life threatening illness that almost died at age 9. God is merciful and gracious and she is alive today (15 years old.) She is a tremendous blessing to our family.

9- We used to own donkeys. That is how I found out horses are better.

10- We raised ducks one year and hence the title of this blog. I started a blog and needed a title quick so that is what first came to my mind. The name has kept.

11- We have a dairy cow that we get our milk from.

12- We have 5 chickens and a rooster.

13- I just love beaches! I would love to live near water.

14- I love to cook and read recipe books.

Wow, I could go on (I am a leader of a homeschool group and a community bible study for women, I love attending homeschool conventions, and browsing at bookstores, for instance) but I will stop for now.


Karin Katherine said...

Oh I just loved reading your blog about your family. I got a great laugh that you used to own donkeys and that's how you know horses are better! Too funny. I also must agree that you break the myth concerning birth control and the size of one's family...I have 4 children and often think about adoption as well.

Renae said...

I so enjoyed seeing your family. The old pictures are delightful, and I dream of living on a farm. I know the reality is much different than my dream, but please don't break my desire yet. ;)