Saturday, February 28, 2009

TOS CREW Review: Math Tutor DVD

Looking for a math tutor for your homeschool? Want one for about $3 an hour? This might be what you are looking for! Math Tutor DVD is a series of DVDs from "Basic Math" to "Calculus" and Physics. They take the student with the expectation of zero knowledge and work step by step to more advanced topics. These are meant for use as a supplement to any math curriculum you are using. I have noticed several Worksheet Cds when looking through their website. These Cds provide worksheets and solutions written out step by step to go along with each section of the video. The DVD videos range from 6 hours to 11 hours in length. There is a menu screen so you can go directly to the section of video you want to cover.

The first video we previewed was "The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor." This video is 8 hours long with 15 sections and builds on grade 1 to 7 basic math. The word problems are more simple in the beginning and progressively get more difficult.The early segments of the video could easily be used by 3rd to 5th grade students needing help with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems. The teacher uses a white board for the demonstration of the problems. The video was easy to understand and enjoyable as well.

Concepts covered include word problems with basic math and then introduces word problems with decimals, fractions, percents and ratios. The skills taught on this video help children tackle word problems more effectively which also helps to build reasoning and logic skills.

The second video we previewed was "The Algebra 2 Tutor." This DVD has 6 hours of video with 15 sections. This DVD was previewed by the men in my family that have done advanced math. They said he was interesting to listen to, the videos were very simple to follow, and understand, and kept their attention. My 17 year old said they were done very well. Examples of things covered on this video are the quadratic formula, simplifying radical expressions, and graphing inequalities.
The videos are basic - there are no bells and whistles. You learn by actually working through the problems. There are no lectures either. There are currently 17 videos to choose from. All videos are guaranteed to raise math grades. If they don't you can return them for a full refund.

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