Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bethany House Review: "True For You But Not For Me"

"True For You But Not For Me" Overcoming Objections to Christian Faith is a revised edition of a previously published book in 1998. This book has 33 "mostly" short, "mostly" easy to read chapters that cover different topics that often come up when sharing your faith with others. The reason I say mostly is that some topics are more difficult and require a little more time to "digest" and require more information to explain.   From "Christians are intolerant of other viewpoints" to "It doesn't matter what you believe - as long as your sincere," the author gives many references and biblical answers to counter religious pluralism and moral relativism rampant in our society.

At the end of each chapter the author provides a summary of each chapter and where to find more information for further reading. The book is highly foot noted so no statement or quote is unsupported.

Each chapter is pretty much stand alone, so this book can be used as a handbook to read the chapters in any order.  This makes it an excellent tool for a church or pastor's library. This book should be read by every Christian working in ministry or in schools of evangelism. We always need to be ready to give an account of our faith and I believe that this book is a useful tool to accomplish this.

For a free study guide to accompany this book or for more info visit Paul Copan's website at: http://www.paulcopan.com/

This book was given to me free of charge from Bethany House for a review.

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