Thursday, October 15, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Nature Friend Magazine

Nature Friend  is a full color Christian nature magazine for children. We have subscribed to Nature Friend magazine off and on over the years. We have always enjoyed the articles and full color nature pictures. We have seen the magazine change as the magazine has passed through different owners.

Currently the magazine tends to more focus on nature photography and submissions from readers of the magazine.   The articles are about animals, birds, insects, and original nature stories. Most submissions from readers seem to come from an experience they had in nature and often include pictures. There is a drawing lesson in each issue and a page with readers submissions of their drawings and comments. Also, a picture with hidden items in it to find called "Invisible."  Lastly, in each issue you will find a puzzle page. One issue had a crossword while another had a word find.

This is a great magazine, free of ads. It is the publishers conviction to produce a God honoring magazine free of any outside influences.  The view is from a creationist view, but does not hit you over the head with it. God is clearly the creator and is given all the credit. But you will find no evolution / creation debates in these magazines. The magazine is geared toward 8 to 16 year olds, but I believe all ages will enjoy it

I have to admit I was disappointed with the study guide. It contained additional puzzles, a writing activity,  suggestions for more research, and a photo critique section, where subscribers can submit photos for critiquing and learning new photo techniques. While I really like the magazine, I probably would not pay extra for the study guide section. It did not contain anything that I would likely use. 
 We do enjoy the articles and beautiful pictures in each issue.  We love that it honors God and does not worship the creation. I can be very comfortable handing this to my child and not have to worry about conflict in teaching or an inappropriate ad. I highly recommend the magazine for families looking for an educational nature magazine written for children that honors the Lord.

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Two issues of this magazine were provided free of charge for this review. No other compensation is received from any sales generated by this review.  The views in this review reflect my opinion only and you may or may not come to the same conclusion about the product.  Please see the side bar for more info.

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