Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TOS Crew Review: MathScore

"Developed by MIT graduates, MathScore is research-based and proven to raise test scores with students of all demographics."

MathScore is an online assessment tool for schools, parents, and homeschoolers.  This assessment and math practice covers grades 1 through Algebra. Problems range from simple to complex through all the grade levels. What makes this program special is that it has the ability to generate problems and base difficulty on ability of the student.

MathScore can be used to supplement for most math curriculums. While it does not specifically teach, it does give mini-lessons on the topic area.  Some homeschool parents have successfully used this as the foundation of their math curriculum for their children.

After a simple registration process, I started my free 2 week trial which is available to anyone on their website.  I went on as my 8th grade child and choose from a list of topics. It then generated a worksheet for me do with several problems. The object is to quickly do the problems.  You then generate a score and are encouraged to move on to the next worksheet which for my topic, had more problems to do then the previous worksheet. You are awarded "trophies" for certain levels of accomplishment.  If you are unsure of a topic you can click on "mini-lesson" and read a sample of how to do the activity. It was no means in depth just a sample overview.

This program is not fancy, but does it's job without bells and whistles.  You can view a two week trial of the program at their website without giving any credit card /payment info.

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