Friday, February 26, 2010

TOS Crew Review: AAS Beehive Reader 1

I originally did a review for the "parent" program, All About Spelling (AAS), that goes with this reader.  It can be read HERE. This reader can be used with this program or a supplement for any other phonics reading program.

The Beehive reader follows the schedule for All About Spelling and you introduce the story after reaching certain points in the program.  What I really like about this hardcover reader is that the stories go beyond most readers and actually tell a story the child can relate to.  Also, there are excellent pencil drawing to accompany most pages in the book, that add to the child's delight in reading the stories.  There are also some questions that are available separately in PDF File format that you get with purchase, if you choose to use them.  I like to have my children tell me the story back in their own words for reading comprehension.

My early reader loves to read from this book.  We always get this one out to practice with on a regular basis.  This book has a "home-y" feel about it that may become a children's classic.

To look inside, CLICK HERE.

From the website:

"Your beginning reader will delight in finding out what happens when…

…a busy cat lives in a windmill

…a sleepy bear cub takes a nap

…a grumpy duck demands a snack

…a singing bat befriends a lonely king

… a curious boy shrinks from tall to small

… and much more! "

"Beehive Reader 1 correlates 100% with All About Spelling Level One."

For more info: Click Here.

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