Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weblink Wednesday 9/10/08

One of my favorite sites that we visit on a regular basis is

From the website:
"To connect mathematics, science, technology and engineering to the real world of careers and achievement, so that students can envision a context and purpose for what they are learning allowing them to envision their own successful futures."

This website features short, usually less then 5 minute videos, of different careers and how they integrate science and math into that field. An example of a video they have is how to build a custom guitar or how to feed animals in zoos. There is a lot of math that goes into both areas, which we hardly think about when visiting a zoo or looking at those beautiful guitars a musician is playing.

We really have enjoyed these! They are constantly updated and adding new videos, so sign up for their mailing list!

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SoCalVal said...

This is a great site - and it didn't post twice on my blog!!! Hurray. Mr. Linky can be stubborn at times. Thanks for participating.