Friday, May 28, 2010

TOS Crew Review: Cerebellum Corp. / Standard Deviants: History US AP

Preparing for college level exams can be difficulty.  The AP exam is one exam you can take that helps you to test out of college level course work in many different subject areas.  Cerebellum has several videos in this series to help give an overview of the topic and test taking skills.  The video we received was History of the U.S.  This is a quick sweeping history of the United States.  The video tells you what the test is made up of, types of questions they ask, and where to spend your concentrated time studying. Then they give you more specific test taking skills specific to the test being taken.  There is also a cd-rom with worksheets, etc., that you can use as you study for the test.

Having seen Standard Deviants videos in the past, I was more impressed with this video.  The video is hosted by several teens. They are more serious then the Standard Deviant videos.  Sometime the Standard Deviant videos can get foolish, but they are meant to capture an audience of teens. Maybe teems like them more, but I did not care for them.  However I did not see any of that in the video I watched.  This video is more serious and straight forward in its teaching, but I do believe it has the ability to keep the attention of teens as well.  There is lots of great information packed into this video that even if you were not taking the AP exam you might benefit from this overview this video takes.

Here is a sample of the video:

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