Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to School 2009!!!!???!!!!

Well, it is just about to time to get back to school. We have had the busiest summer on record and I need a vacation from that, so back to school we must go!!! I really appreciated the article: Notice of Intent to homeschool from Little Blue School. We are just to busy to go to school. This article explains it all too well!

There are some great articles from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine available online and a free ebook, too. Follow the following links to find great articles:

Are Public Schools For Christian kids??Learn about how the public school system began, and by whom. What was the original intent of this system? As a Christian parent, can you confidently make the decision to place your child in the public school environment day after day, year after year? What is being taught there?What is the national drop-out rate?Is God being honored. . . respected. . . lifted up?

What About Public Schools is The Old Schoolhouse's newest brochure that examines public schooling vs. homeschooling.

Escaping the Homeschool Matrix Brochure

Homeschooling with confidence article

Ebook about Ebooks....Discover all you ever wanted to know about E-Books, their use in homeschooling, and even how to publish your own! Gain a better understanding of the many ways E-Books can improve your homeschooling by quickly and resourcefully linking you with the latest information on a seemingly endless supply of lessons, encouragement, support materials, and more! E-Homeschooling is hyperlinked to additional reference material, purchasing sources, and free E-Book websites to sample and enjoy.

Also available is the freebie directory from The Old Schoolhouse. Try before you buy!!!! Here is the link to that:

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