Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The King James Controversy

The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust Modern Translations? By: James R. White

I have been following the King James Controversy for sometime. I have not been convinced that a certain version is superior to another. While I do prefer reading one version, like others, I often read several version of a verse or chapter to see it from a different perspective. It is better for the bible to be read and understood then for a translation to sit on a shelf unread because the person finds the language archaic.

Mr. White does an excellent job of presenting the position of the KJV only group and refuting their objections to other translations without being derogatory to anyone. He gives suggestions on how to choose what version is best for you. If you enjoy the KJV he does recommend you stay with it. He does, however, explain that he is a conservative and does not recommend every bible version out there. I find him sincere in his quest to present his information truthfully. Information is state clearly and lay people will be able to understand this book. Part two of the book includes an advanced chapter for those familiar with Koine Greek and want a deeper discussion of this topic.

Mr. White uses charts and many scriptural comparisons to state his arguments clearly. He also includes a chapter on problems with King James Version translation as no bible scholar know matter how hard they try, is infallible. The history of the bible translations also makes this a very interesting read. This would also be an excellent book for those doing bible translating.
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