Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weblink Wednesday - Election Activities

Some activities for the election season.

Political Elections for Kids

National Constitution Center - Headed to the White House activities

Classroom Activities Download and print the National Constitution Center's classroom activity guide for the 2008 Election. You can download the complete booklet or just select the activities below that you wish to use
Complete Booklet [3MB PDF]Download the complete booklet which includes all activities listed below.
Election Coverage Journal [136KB PDF]Students track news coverage of the current election and record their thoughts on the media’s role in campaigns
Debate Night Bingo [237KB PDF]This bingo card will have students excited and actively listening during each presidential debate.
Create Your Own Campaign Button [635KB PDF]Students can view samples of buttons from past elections and create a button for their own campaign.
Your Party Platform [54KB PDF]Students evaluate the issues that are important to them and fill out the planks of their platform accordingly.
What’s Your Message? [125KB PDF]In this activity, students are given a word bank to create the message that communicates their vision for the country.

Also Currclick has an election bundle called America Votes 5 Ebook Bundle on sale. I have not reviewed it but looks very interesting.


SoCalVal said...

Yeah! Perfect timing weblinks. Thanks for sharing... I'm sure MANY will enjoy these.


mom0ktdid said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog today. Cute name! Intersting links...

Mommy Reg said...

Love the links! My son loves politics. I will be using these with him over the next couple of days.
Have a wonderful week!